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Our Work

AWS Architecture


Cloud migration for 

Hollywood's largest online retailer of movie tickets and movie content. Migrate on-premise and co-located data into AWS cloud architecture. Includes data migration of multiple acquired companies.



Google Cloud Platform


Design and development of AI chatbots using GCP DialogFlow, Firebase and infrastructure services. Includes migration of structured data from MySQL to NoSQL database.



Healthcare Chatbots


Domain specific chatbot for plant-based nutraceutical remedies for various medical conditions. Ask Angelica.



Data Warehouse


Data engineering to identify formats from different platforms and partners, such as acquired companies, to develop partner API and metadata requirements.



MVP Workshops


Minimum viable product and product roadmap priorties.


Data Velocity


Database workflow diagram for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Determine the data velocity of data types used for operations and marketing.



Artifact Models


Analyze workflow artifacts for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system data input and metadata output.





Internet of Healthy Things. Developing a medical device that tracks the efficacy of pain medication by strength, dose and condition.



Mobile Storyboards


iOS storyboards for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for iPhone and iPad.



Predictive Analytics


Data hierarchy for predicative analytics. Analyze data by levels.



Paper Prototypes


Paper prototype for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) dashboard.



Salesforce Integration


Salesforce mobile and desktop integration to phase out a custom built CRM.



Sharepoint Integration


Sharepoint integration with mobile applications for account financials, account status and monthly rollup reports for chief executives.



E-commerce Wireframes


Wireframe prototypes for e-commerce catalog.



Data Visualization


Simple dashboard reports for minimum viable product for user workflow status.



Cloud Services


AWS for iOS application data and DynamoDB for unstructured real time data streaming.



User Research


Focus groups and interviews for mobile application requiring offline user-generated inputs.



Data Visualization


User research word cloud based on focus groups and interviews. Word clouds are used to inform feature development and content development.



Experience Design


Experience continuum for mobile, online and offline user experience design.



Contextual Research


Workflows derived from observational user research and user interviews.



User Experience


Discovery, research and concepting for integrating the mobile, online and offline user experience of event based products.



Product Design


Workshops to discover product development priorities and opportunities. Color coding represents minimum viable product choices.



API Workflow


Data warehouse rollout infrastructure for partner API data workflows for QA and production environments.



App Diagram


Mobile app diagram for horizontal and vertical workflows in account management system.



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