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I began working with Internet technology in 1992 when Mosaic, the first commercial browser, was released. I learned HTML and worked for a couple of startups, then I founded a web design firm in 1998. I began mobile development for Palm mobile devices in 2002 and iPhone in 2008 when Apple released the iPhone app store. In 2010 I developed native apps for the fantastic, but short-lived, WebOS platform (Palm reinvented). From 2011-2015 I managed enterprise mobile apps and data warehouses. From 2016-2019 I focused on cloud migrations (AWS, Azure, Google), Agile DevOps transformation and data analytics. Since 2019 I have been working with the ServiceNow platform for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Hawaii.




I was at the forefront of the Internet industry in 1992 when I joined Vivid Studios, fresh out of college. Vivid was one of the first digital agencies in the world (lucky!). Then I joined IDG where I led the New Media division's e-publishing initiatives for CD-ROM and the Internet. I produced 30 commercial CD-ROM titles with a distribution of three million units. In 1996 I became Executive Producer of Studio Verso, a leading Internet development firm where I helped position the company for acquisition by KPMG. David Siegel, was my boss, mentor and inspiration. We wrote a book together, Secrets of Successful Websites.


In 1998 I founded my first company, Bitscale Dynamics (formerly known as Simmedia). I developed and implemented the Internet strategy for Fortune 100 companies and lavishly funded startups. I formed business development partnerships with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and global consulting firms like KPMG and SSI. I grew the company to 25 people and negotiated an acquisition that fell apart after the second term sheet when the Internet crashed in 2000 (lucky again, in hindsight). Then I moved to Hawaii and did consulting projects in California (startups), New York (big banks), Brazil (energy sector), Europe (finance) and India (web services). 


In 2002 I produced enterprise mobile apps for the Palm platform (the only handheld mobile platform back then). In 2010, it came full circle, when I worked on apps for the new WebOS platform (formerly Palm). I was a big fan of WebOS until HP killed it...just when my apps launched...literally, two weeks later. Bummer.


In 2007 I co-founded Moodspace, an art company that uses LED technology for large scale photokinetic installations. You can see these installations in luxury hotels throughout the US, including a 60 foot high, art and light installation at the Philadelphia Renaissance.


In 2011 I joined Korn Ferry and managed their enterprise mobile apps and data warehouse initiatives.


In 2017 I co-founded TrueMedicines, a data science company for nutraceuticals.

In 2019 I joined HMSA Blue Cross Shield of Hawaii as Program Manager for the ServiceNow implementation.

I've been proactive in the industry teaching courses at San Jose State University and speaking at industry conferences such as Comdex and Times Media Mall. I contributed to the best selling books Secrets of Successful Web Sites and Evolve or Thriving in the Internet Age Through E-Commerce Management and was featured on ABC News discussing e-business cycles.

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