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Talent Analytics (iPad and Web)

The Cloud based web application uses AWS S3 and DynamoDB NoSQL backend.  Data feeds into a Data Warehouse in real-time using custom APIs. The iPad app (IOS front end / AWS S3 / cloud front backend) delivers product demos for business development in offline mode. Originally a single page architecture, React web application, then wrapped in a native application to create a version that can be used on an iPad for offline demonstrations, with additional integrated web content and PDFs. Includes executive assessments for candidates and job profile tool for client HR team. Candidate reports are generated and matched against Best in class profiles. Korn Ferry Four Dimensions, 2015

Account Dashboard (iOS)

iPhone and iPad app for business analytics platform using iOS/SQLite front end/ .Net middle tier/SQL Server backend. Developed for team leaders of top revenue accounts. Provides real time visibility into past, booked and potential revenue. Value added stock, news, and business development resources. Integrates with global enterprise databases, Sharepoint and CRM. KF Insight, 2013

Global Help Desk (iPhone and iPad)

This app allows the user to unlock their account with their mobile device. Once logged into any corporate mobile app, the user's iOS device authenticates their keychain. If locked out, the user simply opens the Help Desk app on an iPhone or iPad and tap Please Unlock Me. The Help Desk mobile app provides access to the regional corporate Tech Support Help Desks via tap to dial and email. Displays timeline for password expiration. It automates the most common Help Desk support issues. 2013

Career Development App (iPad)

iPad and web-based application with customizable content and tools for mid-level and senior executives to evaluate and manage their career in an interactive interface with their direct reports and their manager. In-app interaction, alerts, messaging and on-demand reports. Forte, 2012

Mobile CRM (iPhone and iPad)

A universal app, iPad and iPhone, for enterprise CRM. Integrates with global enterprise databases, AWS and Yahoo and Factiva financial news service for synchronized real-time updates. Users can search, edit, add notes, upload documents, update status. Used daily by account managers around the world. iSearcher, 2011

Interviewer (iPhone and iPad)

Concept and development for a portfolio of career development apps. Leverages corporate IP for talent assessment, provides centralized access to candidate materials, allows the interviewer to markup and highlight the candidate’s resume and attach notes to a specific candidate. The calendar feature manages scheduling and allows the user to assign interviewers to candidates. Multiple interviewers can work together, on a single or multiple iPads, to collect interview data and share notes. Interviewer, 2011

Enterprise App Store

A custom built application to allow enterprise users to browse and download internal corporate iOS apps. The app provides automatic updates and single sign on for all corporate apps. Based on user feedback, a curated list of Apple App Store apps was added to make life easier for the mobile workforce. 2011

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A custom built MDM application to report on global user analaytics and manage device access for the enterprise. Dashboard view provides the ability to view user status and disable an account or device. Provided content management features for enterprise apps, including product name, version, description and images.  MDM, 2011

Concept, Prototype, Global Team

Concepting, user research, prototyping, user experience design (UX) and product roadmap for an integrated web and mobile product. Qualitative field research with the goal of developing a list of features to satisfy and delight the user in order to stand out in a crowded market. Coordinated global teams in Tokyo (HQ), Amsterdam (Marketing) and San Francisco (Strategy). Asics MyRun, 2010

Native Apps for WebOS

Product development for two native apps for the new WebOS platform. Strategy, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, user experience design, development, project management. Integrate the user experience design across apps. Extraordinary deliverables led to an R&D project for futuristic WebOS platforms. App Store and eReader, 2010

Sotheby's Realty (iOS, Android)

iOS and Android app for Sotheby's Malibu real estate agent, Thomas Clements. Provides access to MLS listings, maps, contact info and allows users to save and share listings. Weekly reports provide analytics for downloads, saves, shares and user contact information. Work included resolving reporting data feed, strategy, positioning app within overall marketing outreach and integrating social media marketing efforts. 2009

Fitness App (iOS Android)

iOS and Android app for the top online fitness trainer, Ben Greenfield. Released in 2010 for iPhone and Android devices. Provided access to Ben's tweets, videos, podcasts and tips. Due to popular demand, the Android version was released a few months after the iPhone release. 2009

Asset Tracking (PalmOS)

Enterprise mobile asset tracking systems for Fortune 100 clients to track packages and important documents. Delivered on ruggedized Symbol PDA mobile devices running the Palm operating system. Ruggedized mobile devices for couriers, desktop interface for mail center and customer interface for delivery tracking and status. Electronic manifests, signatures, barcode scans, inter-office workflows and reporting. Business development, implementation strategy and project management. Clients included Chevron, Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, Cisco. 2004

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