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References from Clients

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"I am extremely impressed with your team, both personally and is the rest of my organization. It is a tribute to your leadership. "

- Michael Parsells, CEO, Executive World


"It has been a great pleasure working with Christina and the team at Simmedia. The input, recommendations and creative support was outstanding. I particularly appreciated the insight you brought to the table as it pertained to developing our user models, which laid the foundation for our future efforts in regards to personalization. It was refreshing to work with someone who listened and gave pointed suggestions rather than follow the cookier cutter approach of one site fits all."

- Wendy Wilson, VP Ebusiness, JP Morgan Chase 


"Christina is a thorough professional who is continually opening up the standards in digital media. She and her previous company, Simmedia, built a truly compelling website for our division when I was with SSI Limited that set the standards for the whole corporation. When she was with Studio Verso in the 1990's, she co-authored a brilliant book with David Siegel on web project management that was years ahead of its time."

- Phil Brattain, Director Business Development, SSI


"Simmedia has a rare understanding of both the user's needs and the backend requirements; the interface they created for our procurement application was both user-friendly and easy to integrate."

- Grady Hall, Internet Director,


"The design Simmedia developed has charm and still addresses that brand problem of being seen as a tech brand. It does it! Plus, the new items listing makes this a truly useful site, not just window dressing. And your layout makes the content feel agreeable and accessible. Plus, it makes us do the right thing with that content: Keep it short, punchy, clear."

- Bob Lindstrom, Project Leader, IDG Books 


"I wanted to make sure that you knew how strongly we felt about the gorgeous design you came up with for our website. While we may have "visions" about what we want our company to be and the role we are to fulfill, it takes a truly gifted and talented team to be able to translate that vision into a reality that conveys our feelings, emotions and purpose. It is a very difficult task to be able to meet a customer's requirements, especially when they themselves don't even know what they want. I just want to say "thank you" for coming up with a brilliant design that works on so many different levels but most importantly "connects" with what we are trying to do with our company. It's been a great collaborative experience!"

- Mable Yee, Ceo, Kiracom 


"BigBow worked with Simmedia to design and develop our e-commerce website. We had a challenging logo which the Simmedia design team skillfully integrated into a successful online brand and a seamless user interface. We were impressed with Simmedia's methodology and their attention to detail. Simmedia helped us manage a very aggressive timeline and enabled us to launch an outstanding website on time and on budget."

- Ann French, former VP Marketing, BigBow 


"Because we're an ASP, the business problems we address involve both our customers and their customers. Simmedia's design approach was very effective and their insight into our business requirements helped us to deliver our hosted Customer Service applications on schedule. In addition, our customers really enjoy working with the well thought out screen designs and application flow that Simmedia designed for us."

- Kent Laux , Director, Product Marketing, Yube


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