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User Experience Design

UX Strategy and Design

Market research, user research and concepting for the online and offline experience of a destination music festival that spans two days with 80,000 fans. Strategy workshops with stakeholders, interviews with partners, onsite interviews with festival participants. Bonaroo Online Strategy, 2011

UX Concept, Prototype, User Research

Concepting, user research, prototyping, user experience design (UX) and product roadmap for an integrated web and mobile product. Qualitative field research with the goal of developing a list of features to satisfy and delight the user in order to stand out in a crowded market. Coordinated global teams in Tokyo (HQ), Amsterdam (Marketing) and San Francisco (Strategy). Asics MyRun, 2010

UX and UI Awards

Himalayan Journey CD-ROM. Research, user experience design and product development for an adventure travel CD-ROM released in 1997. Distributed in the US and Germany. Won numerous awards for user interface design and educational content including games and interactive journeys. All expenses paid trip to Paris to accept the Mobius award for user interface design. Other awards for UI: How Magazine, Invision, NBMA, Emma. 1992

Field Research and Contextual Design

Conducted stakeholder interviews, user interviews, and focus groups for the strategy and discovery process for complex Internet systems and products. Collected physical artifacts and workflow models to discover offline processes that could be integrated into online systems. Projects included content workflow for Office Depot, ERP and procurement systems.

Business Process Design

Developed the process and deliverables for large Internet projects at Studio Verso with a focus on strategy, workflow and backend database integration for real-time functionality. Developed one of the first online project management systems in the industry. Featured in the book Secrets of Successful Websites.

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