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References from Managers & Colleagues

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"Christina is one of the most talented people I've worked with. We teamed closely on a very complex, global roll-out of a new line of products, and Christina was a critical player in getting that (very successful) project off the ground. She served as the hub of a wheel that included multiple departments, and where responsibilities were constantly shifting and changing hands. She has the ability to keep careful track of minute details, and then pan out to think strategically about the best road forward. She has strong technical skills combined with excellent interpersonal skills. She's a joy to work with, and excelled at bringing people together and pushing for collaborative solutions. I give her my highest recommendation and would welcome any chance to work with her again."

           - Dana Landis, Vice President Talent Research and Analytics Korn Ferry

"Christina is one of the best hires I ever made. Her ability to stay on top of projects and drive a team of developers with nothing but charm and persistence made her one of the most valuable members of my team. She got along with everyone, met her deadlines, and I constantly received unsolicited praise from other managers whom she dealt with. "

           - Thom Steinhoff, CTO Korn Ferry


"When she joined the data warehouse project for which I was responsible, we’d already had two false starts, propelled by wild enthusiasm, hysterical demands, one silly diagram and no project management of any kind. She came in, sized up the situation and determined immediately what was missing was a requirements specification document. Although not a typical responsibility of a PM, she proceeded to create one, a masterpiece that continues to inform project participants more than two years later. Then she really got to work, organizing and prioritizing the tasks, dozens of them. And organizing and disciplining the players, dozens of us. Through gentle reminders, whimsical rewards and occasional, though good-natured nagging she got us to behave like a tightly knit team and produce tangible results. The evidence of which shows up every week in the status reports to management that she initiated.  But it’s her personal touch that I and, I the firm, will miss the most. In a corporate culture that insists on treating everyone as if the glass is always half empty – no matter how hard they’ve worked – she consistently worked against the stream, offering kind words of encouragement and praise for even the slightest of accomplishments. And that personality trait – it’s not simply a learned skill – is what marks her as someone truly special, a real superhero. The company many find someone else to step in and do the mechanics of project management but they will never find another Christina."

           - Paul Scheer, VP Analytics, Korn Ferry

"Christina is a highly experienced Scrum Master, leading multiple teams for their early transformation to agile methodology and devops transformation. She has greatly contributed towards shaping the current team structures and helping them to become effective and efficient product teams. Thank you for the opportunity to work alongside with you, it has truly been a pleasure."

Arundhati, Lead Scrum Master, Gap Inc

"I had the pleasure of working with Christina for over eleven months at GAP Inc, at DevOps transformation of Infrastructure product teams. Her expertise in agile tools and processes played a key role in defining agile processes for the teams in DevOps transformation. Christina’s committed, enthusiastic and positive attitude benefitted teams to be focused on top priorities in dynamic environment at GAP. She is always prepared to go that extra mile to help the team be successful. Christina is a reliable resource that accurately communicates expectations and delivers on her commitments, she brings value to any organization."

-  Prajakta Bahekar, Sr Scrum Master Program Manager, Gap Inc.


"Christina is one of the most pro-active and detail oriented managers I've ever worked with. In my experience working with her, I've known her as a person who takes courageous decisions during hard times, is innovative apart from the standard product road maps, is able to define the vision clearly, and encourages and supports her team very well. I especially like the way she explains complex issues or situations in simple terms and makes it easier for everyone to understand. Her friendly attitude and personality make it easy for all team members to get along with her."

- Ashima Gupta, QA Analyst, Korn Ferry

"Christina is one of those true gems. She is sharp, easy to work with, great personality, and has a good sense of humor. She picks up ideas and concepts easily, but also detailed oriented."

- David Olea, Senior Developer, Mobile Systems, Korn Ferry

"Christina demonstrated the utmost professionalism and quality in scope and delivery on an integration project that we worked on. A problem solver par excellence. I could not recommend her more highly."

- Huss Hardan, Senior Analyst, Korn Ferry​​

"In managing client relationships, Christina has a wonderful ability to understand client-side dynamics and skillfully lead her teams accordingly. This is especially valuable today as org structures change, projects are redefined, or other corporate conditions change quickly. She knows just when to make a few small refinements - or when to make large changes in the approach."

- Courtney Kaplan, Principal, Client Development, Hot Studio

"Wow, Christina is a ball of energy and gets things done. We wrote a book on project management together. Her desk was always pristine, this perfect wood surface that had nothing on it - how does she do that? If you are lucky enough to work with Christina, pay her twice what you've promised because she'll deliver ten times what she promised (eight times on a bad day)!" 

  - David Siegel, Principal, Verso

"Christina is a kick-ass, skilled, iron fist in a velvet glove, smart amazing account manager with a pinpoint business eye."

- Mary Lukanuski, Sr Producer, Verso



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