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ITSM is foundational to the ServiceNow platform. Align and prioritize work for enhancing and maturing incident management, change management, problem management. ITSM was initially rolled out to IT and then rolled out to the overall business. Rollout and ongoing phases include corporate communications, requester / fulfiller training and organizational adoption activities. Exploring Virtual Agent. Linking knowledge base articles to Incidents for faster resolution.

Contract and Vendor Management

VRM - Vendor Risk Management


Project Manager for the development of vendor and contract management on the ServiceNow platform. Using ServiceNow for managing the full cycle of contract and vendor management. Implemented Vendor Risk Management (VRM) application for evaluating and monitoring vendor risk. Implemented catalog items and workflows for contract management. Implemented Vendor Manager Workspace to assign assessments to vendor managers to monitor and manage vendor performance and provide better visibility.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Initially implemented the Maestro scoped application for business continuity management. Transitioned to the BCM application. The migration from Maestro to BCM included the evaluation and adoption of new processes to align with out of the box capabilities and best practices. Engaged implementation partners for Maestro and BCM implementations. The BCM implementation helped prioritize CMDB data population and validation to provide the data needed for BIA owners to select dependent Business Applications and Application Services for their Business Processes.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) 

SPM was formerly known  as ITBM (IT Business Management). The ITBM implementation started with demand and project, followed by portfolio management, risk scoring and financials. Scope included all IT projects in phase 1 and business projects in future phase. Engaged implementation partner for initial implementation. AgileDev will be introduced in future phase  to replace Azure DevOps. 

Common Service Data Model (CSDM)

CSDM 3.0 crawl phase for Business Application and Application Service data. This effort drove the priority for CMDB data cleanup, data ownership and data governance. Moved application data out of legacy application Casewise into ServiceNow. CSDM 4.0 for life cycle management to provide the foundational platform for implementing Application Portfolio Management (APM) and asset lifecycle management.

Knowledge Management

Using Knowledge Base for self service knowledge base articles. Multiple knowledge bases for IT and the business. Experimented with using knowledge base for collaborative document management. Developed knowledge base articles and user guides for support and self service for various modules and catalog items. Linking knowledge base articles to incidents for faster resolution.


Yearly cadence for family upgrades using early availability (EA) and general availability (GA) releases for two test cycles. Work with business owners to engage testers to identify and run regression test cases. Alternate sub-prod development environments to continue development and testing during code freeze. In most cases, upgrades do not incorporate new functionality in order to reduce risk for the upgrade and reduce load on developers and testers. New functionality is captured and prioritized on the ServiceNow roadmap.

Vendor and Implementation Partners

Vendor management for ServiceNow Premier implementation partners. Evaluate and engage implementation partners including requirements definition, quotes, contract, burn rate, invoicing and deliverables approval. Manage vendors for professional services contractors for architecture, development and system administration.

Program Management

Align and prioritize multiple workstreams and modules. Manage and prioritize roadmap for demands, projects and operational workstreams. Work with senior management to align priorities across the organization. Identify dependencies. Provide regular updates to team and senior managers. Align the platform with organizational goals for digital transformation. Manage and coach team for agile processes, resource management and reprioritization.

Service Catalog

100+ Service Catalog items for IT and the business. For relevant catalog items, repurposed for better reporting using App Engine and unlimited custom tables.

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