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References from Direct Reports

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"When I first interviewed with Christina she showed me some of the work and her process, and I was very impressed. After about 1 hour of talking with her, I came right out and said 'I never say this in an interview, but I really, really want to work here.' After that brief dialogue, I sensed in her what 99% of employers, or managers, or bosses, all seem to lack. Simply put, it's true integrity, coupled with vision and style. Christina manages to bring about great success and positive results for those who work with her.

She believes passionately that nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible to learn or to do. She brings tremendous amounts of energy, insight and clarity to a project. She listens, she's open, she has great judgment and makes smart, balanced decisions. She inspires others to work hard, because she works just as hard with them to achieve the goal and the common good. She makes work feel like fun through her humor, style and grace, and constant acknowledgement of others."

- Paul Shannon, Senior Producer, Simmedia


"Christina Cheney is one of the great sources of both insight and practical experience in the success of the Internet. She is one of the bona fide founders of the discipline of strategic Internet management, and, because that discipline is still in its infancy, it is still too rare to get to work with people like Christina who really know not only what they are doing, but why they should be doing it when it comes to truly strategic initiatives.

She gets people to really collaborate. I have seen many professionals in the fields of visual design, interaction design, information architecture, user analysis and marketing research, project management, technical analysis, engineering, QA and management really educated and energized by working with Christina. 

She has worked, from the beginnings of the Internet, on projects in all areas: consumer and intranet, heavily branded and highly functional, commerical and non-profit, small and large. Whatever she worked on, she did something major--she was a major player who not only saw everything that worked and everything that didn't, but pushed past any status quo assumptions to get to the bottom of what was happening, why it was happening, and where that was leading things."

- Jay Fienberg, Information Architect, Simmedia

"Christina is a standout manager! She always welcomes new ideas and encourages the team to be creative as we undertake a data science approach to solve a business problem. She appreciates and recognizes strong talent and hard work. I am particularly inspired by her creative visualization and graphic UI skills. Christina has been a coach and a mentor to me and really motivates the team."

- Shruti Salian, Data Analyst at TrueMedicines

"Christina is a fantastic manager and a great leader. As an intern at TrueMedicines, Christina and I have exchanged several ideas towards the accomplishment of the company’s goals and agendas. She is a great person to work for. She patiently listens to all the floor plans laid out to be achieved and provides constructive feedback.  Where Christina stands out is for her impeccable energy and enthusiasm in getting domain experts and technical experts outside of the network as and when required by her employees if they are stuck in their progress or to re-evaluate their findings. I particularly remember her taking my feedback during the development of a chatbot on Google’s DialogFlow platform that it would scale big if we got any form of incentives from Google. Within a week she brought to TrueMedicines $20000 worth of GCP credits. Such is the form of mutual respect and support she has for her employees.  She is a great person to have a conversation with since she is keen on listening to her employees sharing cutting-edge technologies ideas. She appreciates everyone’s minute efforts which would further motivate them in accomplishing their tasks. I greatly admire Christina for her great leadership and being a great manager of mine during my time at TrueMedicines."

- Sharath Kalkur, Data Scientist at TrueMedicines


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