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San Jose State University Enterprise & E-Commerce Management Certificate


"Christina Cheney is an outstanding instructor in the San Jose State University Professional Development (SJSU-PD) E-Commerce Management (ECM) Certificate Program. She typically ranks in the top 90% of faculty. The students love her and spread good news about her to each other. Christina stays on top of the subject matter and brings real-life examples to her lectures. This coupled with good complementary training material and an enthusiastic approach makes her a valuable asset to our program."

- Mitchell Levy, Founder and Program Consultant for the SJSU E-Commerce Certificate Program 


"This class was excellent! Christina had much more relevant information to current industry trends. " 

- San Jose State University student 


"Loved it! I will take all of Christina's classes! "

- San Jose State University student 


"Christina Cheney was my favorite instructor in the E-Commerce Management Certificate program at San Jose State University. She has invaluable insight into the industry and is able to convey concepts and ideas in an compelling and entertaining way. I was on the edge of my seat!" 

- San Jose State University student


"I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you once more for the classes. Your insight in the issues is very valuable for the company I am starting. "

- San Jose State University student 


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