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Speaking and Writing

Data Science White Papers

A series of white papers on predictive analytics, machine learning and the cloud. Written for The Big Data Company, a division of VentureSoft Global

Machine Learning in the Cloud 

The Science of Profitability 

Data Science for Hollywood 

Teaching - San Jose State University

Instructor at San Jose State University 

E-Commerce Management Certificate program 


Two full credit courses:

  • Online Brand Building 

  • User Interface Strategy, Design and Development

Industry Leadership



San Jose State University
Professional Development Instructor

Enterprise and E-Commerce Management Certificate Program

Taught the following courses every quarter from 1998-2003:

  • Online Brand Building

  • User Interface Strategy, Design and Development




Awards for user experience design for Himalayan Journey, an interactive educational travel experience.

  • How Magazine

  • Invision Award

  • Mobius Award

  • Emma Award

  • NBMA Award



From large international conference keynote speeches to an audience of 400+, to local user groups in someone's living room.


Internet Project Management: Using the Web to Empower the Process
Chicago, IL

Online Brand Building
Chicago, IL

Times Media Mall
Online Brand Strategies
Bombay, India

Internet and Content Management Conference (ICM)
Content Management Strategies for Dynamic Websites
Boston, MA

The Total Internet Solution
Miami, FL

ABT Project Leadership Conference
Project Management on the Internet
San Francisco, CA

Eisner Seminar Series
It's Not About Luck - Web Strategy in Today's Market 
New York, NY

Software Development Forum EC SIG
Architecting Web Applications
Santa Clara, CA

Open i Media Internet Training Series
Internet Strategy for Executives
New York, NY

Silicon Valley Web Guild
User Interface Architecture for the Web
Palo Alto, CA

Independent Computer Consulting Association 
Creating, Maintaining & Sustaining Your Edge with the Web
Santa Clara, CA

Silicon Valley Web Guild 
Implementing E-Commerce Strategies
Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco Webgrrls
Project Management on the Web
San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley Webgrrls
E-Commerce Strategies for Online Brands
Cupertino, CA 


Machine Learning in the Cloud 

Data Science for Hollywood

The Science of Profitability


Evidence Based Approach Using Multivariate Regression Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms To Discover Effect of CBD on Arthritis Subjects 

Evidence Based Approach Using Multivariate Regression Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms To Discover Optimum Medical Cannabis Compound Ratios for Highest Efficacy and Lowest Side Effects In PTSD Subjects 

Evidence Based Approach Using Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering To Discover Phenotype Cohorts 

Secrets of Successful Web Sites: Project Management on the World Wide Web, David Siegel, 1997
Acknowledgements: "Christina Cheney developed much of the methodology and contributed to almost every chapter." Thriving in the Internet-Age Through E-Commerce Management, Mitchell Levy, 2001
Contributed to branding and marketing chapters.

Small Business Solutions: E-Commerce, Brenda Kienan, 1999
Contributed to branding chapter.

India Business Times, Oct 2000 
Arun Jaitley Hints at Single Legislation for Broadcasting
Coverage of my keynote speech at India's largest Internet conference, the Times Media Mall.

Economic Times, Oct 2000 
Company is the Body, Brand is the Soul
Coverage of my keynote speech at India's largest Internet conference, the Times Media Mall.

BioPeople Magazine, Summer 2000 
Website Case Study: Chiron
I was interviewed for an article on web strategy for the biotech industry (Chiron case study).

Internet World, Sep 1999 
RFP Case Study - Developing a Women's Portal 
I wrote this article for the e-commerce developer's section.

Bay Area Business Woman, October 1998 
Strategic Web Design: Creating an Online Brand
I wrote an article for the Internet column.

IDG Infotainment World, Electronic Entertainment magazine, 1995-1996
I wrote monthly new media product reviews and a monthly interactive column.


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