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Entrepreneur and Startups


Founder of this startup to develop Data as a Service (DaaS) products for the nutraceutical industry using machine learning and natural language processing for crowd sourced data. Developed three products: Virtual Lab (discover compounds and ingredients for specific medical conditions), Phenotype Profiler (validate the origin, potency and chemical profile of raw materials), Medical Magnet (match products to medical conditions based on ingredients and compounds). Developed a blockchain supply chain prototype to operationalize our Data as a Service (DaaS) products and provide purity ratings to manufacturers. Published scientific papers with our data science findings. 2017-2018

Bitscale Dynamics

Founder of this Silicon Valley startup (formerly known as Simmedia) providing large scale, data driven web and mobile applications. Developed sales channels to grow revenues 300% in first two years by leveraging partnership pipelines with VC firms and leading engineering firms for Fortune 100 clients. Speaking engagements around the world for project management, content management systems, web development, online branding and mobile app development. 1998-2011


Co founder of Moodspace, an art and LED technology firm that designs and installs monumental murals of art and light. Managed business development, patent process and product installations. Inspiring, unique, uplifting installations. Clients include hotels, spas and restaurants. 2015

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